Demand that New York lead on combating discrimination and harassment.


Who We Are

The Sexual Harassment Working Group is a worker collective, launched by seven former New York State legislative employees who experienced, witnessed, or reported sexual harassment by former New York legislators and their staff.

We advocate for a #HarassmentFreeAlbany and a #HarassmentFreeNY


Hear the testimonies from the Feb. 13, 2019 hearing, the first NYS joint legislative public hearing on sexual harassment in over 27 years.

Tune in to 4:16 to hear from former legislative workers, including the Sexual Harassment Working Group.

You can also hear the testimonies from the May 24th, 2019 hearing.

Feb. 13, 2019, New York State Joint Legislative Public Hearing on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace in Albany, New York

Next Steps

The first two #HarassmentHearingNY have passed, but you can advocate to your electeds for additional hearings and improved worker protections.

You deserve to be heard.

We are advocating for changes to New York State law to improve worker protections.

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